Workshop: How to teach SPELLING RULES

Learn how to use the unique and exciting School Start Spelling Case and its accompanying program to teach spelling rules. You’ll enjoy more participation, more success and less stress in the classroom.

This system of teaching spelling rules is visual, tactile, inspiring and effective! It offers great strategies for learning spelling, and is excellent for students who don’t want to commit to writing. The School Start Spelling Case is a practical, hands-on, engaging resource that requires less preparation from me and more success for my students.



Who is this workshop for?

While this workshop is mainly aimed at Primary School Teachers, anyone can attend: parents who want to support their own child/children with spelling, tutors, high school teachers, school support staff and undergraduate teachers.

The Spelling Rules Program is suitable to use with a wide variety of ages because the focus is on understanding why words are spelt the way they are and learning useful spelling strategies. It can be easily and effectively used with children as young as Grade Two, right up to High School students who are not confident with spelling.

What will I learn in this workshop?

This is a new and exciting program that explains how to teach spelling rules to children using the School Start Spelling case as an aid. The program explains over 35 essential and common spelling rules, with easy-to-follow lessons.

The lessons involve every child using their own School Start Spelling Case while listening to, and following your instructions to learn specific spelling rules. This can be followed up with worksheets that help to further develop your students’ understanding, as well as to help assess their understanding of the rule/s taught.

Why attend this workshop?

√ Complements your current spelling program

This program can work perfectly with any spelling program your school currently uses.

√ Hands-on approach

The program provides a hands-on way to improve students’ spelling strategies, helping them understand words better.

√ Easy and time efficient to use

In the past, using magnetic letters has been a time consuming process. The School Start Spelling Case has all the magnetic letters clearly displayed on one whiteboard, making it easy and quick to find the letters.

√ Increase participation and understanding

Since each child is following teacher instructions with their own case, they are ALL participating and completing the activities together. This allows you to monitor and offer scaffolding when needed, while also making sure every child is listening and learning. It’s a ‘zone-out-FREE-zone’!

√ Innovative strategies

When a child is struggling with spelling, they tend to rely only on hearing the sounds in words. This program provides a huge range of strategies to help children spell words correctly.

√ Literacy lessons that require less preparation and planning

As you’ll see, implementing spelling strategies in the classroom will be easy! Simply start at the beginning of the program and work your way through each of the rules until your students have developed their spelling strategies.

All the resources are inside the case so you don’t have to prepare anything for the lesson. Each child just opens up their very own case while you follow the lesson outline from the program. You then have the option of using ‘follow-up’ worksheets to assess your students’ understanding of the rules you’ve taught.

√ Anyone can use the program

You don’t have to be a teacher to use this program. If you’re a School Support Officer, you can work with a small group of children who need extra help with spelling. If you’re a parent, you can support your child or children with spelling while enjoying quality time with them.

√ Take your lesson outside

Since the case won’t blow away in the wind, you can find a nice shady tree and combine learning to spell with enjoying the outdoors.

√ Promotes discussion and discovery about words

Children are encouraged to discuss their learning with their peers and work together, even though they are using their own School Start Spelling Case. This collaboration promotes a higher level of learning and a greater interest and understanding of words.

√ Develop good listening skills

Each lesson involves the children listening to and following your instructions while using their own School Start Spelling Case. Because of this, children will quickly develop good listening skills, which is another important learning area you are catering for.

Workshop Details: Spaces will fill fast, enrol today!

When: Saturday, November 3rd, 2018

Where: SPELD SA, 298 Portrush Road, Kensington, Adelaide

Time: 9:30am – 12:30pm

Cost: $95 or $75 for SPELD SA members

Register: SPELD SA – 08 8431 1655 or

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