Helping your Child with Literacy

If you have a pre-schooler who is ready to start school or your child is already in their early years of schooling, the School Start Buddy has everything you will need to teach and further advance your child to read and write confidently.

The School Start Buddy makes it easy for you to develop and improve your child’s literacy development at home.

  • Fun whiteboards allow children to practice their writing and erase mistakes easily to build their confidence.
  • The magnetic letters develop letter recognition, reading skills and spelling by using a hands-on approach.
  • And, with the blank magnetic sentence blocks, your child can create sentences and learn essential reading strategies.

Take an active role in helping your child build their literacy foundation and set them on the path to success.

About School Start Buddy

The School Start Buddy system has been designed to improve literacy in the early years of schooling.

The School Start Handbook program begins with basic letter recognition and formation and advances to reading and writing independently. The program can be started with children prior to entering kindergarten and will continue to support their learning through the first years at school.

Children in middle or upper primary who are struggling with literacy may also benefit from using the system. Because the School Start Buddy program separates components of reading and writing from one another, the system is well suited to work through all the fundamental elements needed to be a proficient independent reader and writer. Working through the system with students who are falling behind their classmates can help identify, and remedy, gaps in that student’s skill set.

Why use a School Start Buddy?

Sharona Edwards, the creator of the School Start Buddy, identified a disconnect between the current education system and the home.  As a teacher, she felt that the system allowed certain children to be left behind while their peers progressed with reading and writing. And as a mother of 4, she realised that most parents who are not educators do not have the skills to teach their children at home in order to help them overcome that gap.

The inspiration behind the School Start Buddy was to provide an easy-to-use system, complete with the necessary tools and guidance, to equip parents and caregivers with the skills to make a change.

The result became the School Start Buddy, a unique combination of learning resources packaged in a sturdy, functional case which allows parents and carers to individualise their child’s learning and complement what is being taught in schools. The physical system is supported by the School Start Handbook, which acts as a step-by-step guide to using the Buddy. The Handbook contains detailed lesson explanations written specifically for use outside the larger classroom setting along with clear examples and fun supporting activities.

What does the School Start Buddy come with?

The School Start Buddy is a hands-on resource that empowers parents, helpers and teachers to improve reading and writing learning in young children. This unique system is highly effective, fun for children and approachable for any adult, not just educators, to use as an innovative approach to improve literacy education.

There are two key components to the School Start Buddy:

  • the School Start Buddy case (including resources) and
  • the School Start Buddy Handbook.

These two components make up the School Start Buddy complete kit, which contains everything needed to run the School Start Buddy program.

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