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The Spelling Rules Program

Improve your spelling program with the unique and exciting School Start Spelling Case, and its accompanying Spelling Rules Program.

This system of teaching spelling rules is visual, tactile, inspiring and effective! It offers great strategies for learning spelling, and is excellent for students who don’t want to commit to writing. The School Start Spelling Case is a practical, hands-on, engaging resource that requires less preparation from me and more success for my students.”
Sandy Russo

Director of SPELD SA

What is the Spelling Rules Program?

It’s a new and exciting program that explains how to teach spelling rules, using the School Start Spelling Case as an aid. The program explains over 30 essential and common spelling rules, with easy-to-follow accompanying lessons.

Who is the program for?

The Spelling Rules Program can be easily and effectively used with children as young as Grade One, right up to High School students or adults who are not confident with spelling. It can be used with a whole class of children, or just a small group who require extra support with spelling.

School Start Spelling Program and Case

$150 – Click to purchase

How does the program work?

NO PREP-WORK is required!
Simply follow the same 3 steps for each lesson:

Students open their own School Start Spelling Case. All the equipment they need is enclosed and displayed.

You read out the step-by-step instructions for students to follow. Students use the equipment from their case to learn specific spelling rules.

Optional: Finish the lesson with a worksheet from the Student Workbook to assess your students’ understanding of the rules.

Do you have to be a teacher to administer the program?

The program is designed for teachers to use with a whole class of students, however it is so simple to use that School Support Staff can easily use the program with a small group who require extra help with spelling.

What will you need to implement the program in your school?

Spelling Program and Spelling Case

Spelling Rules Program and Spelling Case

The Spelling Rules Program contains the spelling rules, word examples and lesson instructions so that your staff can implement the program into their classroom. Each child participating in the program will need a Spelling Case. 


Complete Spelling Rules Online Program

This resources is an online resources, specifically designed for parents, because you need zero educational experience to use it. Each unit of the program has a short information video for the parent, an online lesson for the child, an online quiz, plus free downloadable posters and worksheets. You will also have direct access to professional support if you have any questions. This product is particular popular amongst school support officers who work with small groups of children.  

Spelling Case

Each child participating in the online program will need a Spelling Case to participate in the lesson. If you don’t want to purchase a Spelling Case, their are free downloadable resources in the online program where you can make your own version of the Spelling Case. 

Why your school should use the Spelling Rules Program:

Benefits children who struggle with spelling

When a child is struggling with spelling, they tend to rely only on hearing the sounds in words. This program provides a huge range of strategies to help children spell words correctly.

Lessons require less preparation and planning

Implementing spelling strategies in the classroom will be easy! Simply start at the beginning of the program and work your way through each of the rules until your students have developed their spelling strategies. 

All the resources are inside the case so you don’t have to prepare for the lesson. Each child just opens up their very own case while you follow the lesson outline from the program. You then have the option of using ‘follow-up’ worksheets to assess your students’ understanding of the rules.

Easy and time efficient to use

Anyone who is passionate about teaching spelling will understand how effective magnetic letters can be. In the past, using magnetic letters has been a time-consuming process. The Spelling Case has all the magnetic letters clearly displayed on one whiteboard, making it easy and quick to find the letters.

Complements your current spelling program

With the Spelling Rules Program you don’t need to get rid of what you currently use, rather, it’s a simple and effective way to equip your students with an extra layer of strategies to improve their spelling.

The Spelling Rules Program complements the 5 BIG features of any successful spelling program, which includes: spelling rules, phonics, high frequency words, mnemonics and meaning.

Hands-on approach

The program provides a hands-on way to improve your students’ spelling strategies, helping them to understand words better.

 Increase participation and understanding

Since each child is following your teacher instructions with their own case, they are ALL participating and completing the activities together. This allows you to monitor and offer scaffolding when needed, while also making sure every child is listening and learning. It’s a ‘zone-out-FREE-zone’!

Anyone can use the program

You don’t have to be a teacher to use this program. If you’re a School Support Officer, you can work with a small group of children who need extra help with spelling.

Promotes discussion and discovery about words

Children are encouraged to discuss learnings with their peers, and work together, even though they are using their own individual School Start Spelling Case. This collaboration promotes a higher level of learning, a greater interest in words, and a better understanding of words.

Develop good listening skills

Each lesson involves students listening to your instructions, and following them while using their own School Start Spelling Case. Because of this, children will quickly develop good listening skills, which is another important learning area you are catering for.

Easy to assess progress and improvement

The program comes with a pre and post-test of 120 words that will help you assess students’ understanding of the spelling rules.

It can be a whole-school approach to spelling

The Spelling Rules Program can be used with students of all ages because the focus is on understanding the concept behind spelling and spelling strategies. It can be easily and effectively used with children in Grade Two, right up to high school students.

Access to teacher training

We offer a 3-hour training session that is run at SPELDS SA, or can be delivered at your school. Once you have completed the short training, you will be able to implement the Spelling Rules Program into your own classroom, as well as be confident with using spelling rules yourself.

It’s affordable and has everything you need

We offer discounted prices when schools purchase a class set of School Start Spelling Cases. The bonus is that one class set can cater for your entire school.

Increase enrolments to the school

Let’s face it, there are too many children nation-wide who are slipping through the net when it comes to spelling. This innovative approach to teaching spelling will improve your students’ standard of spelling and ensures no child falls through the cracks. Promote your spelling initiatives to parents in all marketing material, at Open Days and at other promotional events. 

Improves your own spelling

Many teachers today didn’t get the opportunity to learn spelling rules during their own education. Knowing spelling rules provides an extra layer of strategies to spell words correctly, and to teach spelling effectively. 

Parent inclusion

You can choose to use the Student Workbook with the program, which has 15 posters that explain spelling rules, as well as worksheets for the students. This workbook can regularly be taken home for students to explain what they have been learning to their parents.


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Title: The Spelling Rules Program

Location: SPELD SA, 298 Portrush Road, Kensington

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