This was a brilliant workshop! I love how the children can use the tiles for quick, fun and non-threatening learning of phonics. Great way to teach a student who does not want to commit to writing.


Brilliant! Great way to extend the Jolly Grammar and Jolly Phonics programs.


I learnt good strategies for teaching spelling. I would love to come to another workshop.


This workshop showed me how to use the School Start Spelling Case with the Jolly Grammar handbook. This will help me start my career. The presenter was excellent!


What are the key learning you will take away from this session? Too many to mention/list. Absolutely amazing, practical, engaging, skills build in routine way. JUST EXCELLENT!

Attendee Jolly Phonics

This workshop was much better than I ever expected! I love the hands-on learning that gets all children involved in the learning.


This is a great extension of the Jolly Phonics program. Practical strategies and resources to implement.

Attendee Speld

I got lots of ideas on how to use the School Start Spelling Case to support Jolly Phonics and Jolly Grammar. In particular I like the language to use with children, for example ‘magical suffix’, ‘magic e’ etc. This program is a wonderful way of using hands on tasks to...

Attendee speld

Brilliant workshop! What a fun way to teach spelling rules. I have a student who is not remembering the spelling rules. This should help. I love the practical ideas for teaching reading, spelling and written language

Attendee at SPELD workshop

The School Start Spelling Buddy Case has all the equipment to teach reading, spelling and writing strategies. This creates less prep work for tutoring, it caters to all ages and makes it easier to work with students (talk about, experiment with sounds etc). It backs...

Katie Eatts

My boys love the hands-on approach of using magnetic letters to learn their weekly list of spelling words. I love the design of the case – it is easy for them to find the letters as they are clearly displayed

Lynley Seaman

It has made homework a fun activity that has engaged our school-aged daughter, and also her younger sister who has been practicing her “writing.” It neatly packs away after each use which I appreciate, and I know it is ready for immediate use again next time. We have...

Rosie Perre

School Start Buddy is brilliant. It has been a fantastic resource in helping my sons build the foundational skills in both reading and writing. My sons love the engaging and interactive activities and I love the quality time I get to spend with my boys, watching them...

Alison Uren

The School Start Buddy has helped my students who have poor fine-motor skills and are reluctant to write. The magnetic resources allow them to develop their letter recognition and early reading and writing skills without having the barrier of actually writing. When we...

Chloe Seaman

You can put words together and make words yourself. It is a fun way to learn and it has helped me figure out new words and sounds. You can draw in it and practice the alphabet

James Quigley

Having seen a presentation by Sharona about the School Start Buddy, our Parents and Friends decided that this would be a perfect gift for new families that come into our school. The response from the students and parents has been extremely positive. Parents have...