Learning to read and write confidently is the best gift you can give a young child! It allows them to start school with the self-assurance that they can work independently and thrive in all learning areas.

We have made it EASY for you to teach your child to read and write! Everything you need is within the School Start Buddy case. You do not need to be a teacher! There are NO worksheets and, best of all, there is NO screen time! Instead you will use ‘hands-on’ resources that are specifically designed for young children.

We have FREE online support so you know exactly where to start and the appropriate steps to teach your child to read and write. Alternatively you can use the handbook that comes with the School Start Buddy case.

Schools everywhere are striving to improve literacy standards by giving their students a School Start Buddy to use at home. Don’t let your child miss out on such a valuable resource that will give them a head start to their learning!

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