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The Spelling Rules Program

An innovative program that explains how to teach spelling rules to children using the SCHOOL START SPELLING CASE as an aid.

The program explains over 30 essential and common spelling rules, with easy-to-follow lessons.

It is suitable to use with a wide variety of ages because the focus is on understanding why words are spelt the way they are and learning useful spelling strategies.

It can be easily and effectively used with children as young as Grade One, right up to High School students who are not confident with spelling.

School Start Spelling Program and Case

Workshops & Training for Staff

To assist you with teaching our programs, we offer workshops at SPELD SA or we can come to your school.

It’s exciting to see schools training both their teachers and their support staff to use the Spelling Rules Program and School Start Buddy to offer innovative intervention programs.

Location: SPELD SA
Date: Saturday, 12th September, 2020


Involve parents in literacy education


Schools are currently giving the School Start Buddy to children on their first day of school to use at home with their parents. 

SPELLING CASEThe Spelling Case

Parents can now use the Spelling Casealong with 5 simple activities, to make sure their child/children learn their weekly list of spelling words. 

Help teach your children to spell with School Start Buddy

EasyRead Time Teaching System

This unique time teaching system was developed after analysing problems encountered by children learning to tell the time. It is a simple 3-step teaching system.

PLUS you can buy the EasyRead Clocks and Watches right here on our site at great prices.

Does your school use the Jolly Grammar Program?

Jolly Grammar Program

You can use the Spelling Case to support the Jolly Grammer One program in a fun, hands-on way. We can guide you through 36 lessons, which support the 36 weeks of the Jolly Grammer One program.


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