The School Start Buddy is specifically designed for children who are preparing to start school or who are in the early stages of school. It is perfect for parents who want to give their child the best start to reading and writing. It is so easy and fun to use – you do not need to be a teacher. The case simply opens up and clearly displays all of the resources you need – you can even enjoy it with your child outdoors because the magnetic resources will not blow away!

Inside your School Start Buddy you will find:

  • 57 magnetic letters

  • 24 blank magnetic sentence blocks

  • 1 Small whiteboard eraser

  • 2 whiteboards

  • 1 whiteboard marker

  • 100 blank sight word cards and 2 alterate colour pens

  • 1 School Start Handbook – a guide to teaching a child to read and write.

School Start Buddy Options

Extra Resources from Inside the School Start Buddy

Bulk Orders for Schools

Schools all around South Australia are now giving the School Start Buddy to their Reception/Foundation Year students to use in the home setting. This is a new initiative that aims to improve the foundational literacy standards in Australian schools. If we can work as a team with the families of our students, then we can achieve so much more!

Please contact our School Start team with your requirements so that we can help you.

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