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The Spelling Case

Spelling Case $55 for 1  –  $700 for 20 (save $400) The Spelling Case contains the resources each student will need for the spelling rules lessons. A class set can easily cater for the entire school.

The Spelling Rules Program

Spelling Rules Program $75  The Spelling Rules Program contains the spelling rules, word examples and lesson instructions so that your staff can implement the program into their classroom.

Spelling Rules Posters

Spelling Rules Posters $75 The A3 sized spelling rules posters come as a set of 15 and clearly display all the spelling rules taught in the Spelling Rules Program

School Start Buddy

School Start Buddy
$700 for 20 

The School Start Buddy is an excellent resource to make sure students achieve foundational literacy skills. It is designed to be given to students on their first day of school to use at home with their parents. Parents are able to access our online videos that explain exactly how to use the School Start Buddy, as well as word lists for blending, digraph recognition and high frequency words. The School Start Buddy is also ideal for School Support Officers who work one-on-one with students. 

Capital Letter Case $25 for 1 case – $250 for 20 cases (save $250) The Capital Letter Case is a tactile way to teach children upper-case letters. It pairs perfectly with the Spelling Case and the School Start Buddy.l

blank sight word cards

Set of 100 Blank Sight Word Cards $5 for 100 cards – $30 for 1,000 cards The blank sight word cards are perfect to continue to expand your word bank for use with many of the activities in the School Start Buddy Handbook or for your own activities.

Magnetic wooden lowercase letters

Set of 26 Magnetic Letters $15 for 1 set – $100 for 20 sets (save $200) These wooden magnetic lowercase letters are  perfect for many of the activities in the School Start Buddy Handbook or create your own your activities.

Magnetic Sentence Blocks

Set of 24 Blank Magnetic Sentence Blocks $20 for one set – $200 for 20 sets (save $200) Graduating from reading and writing words, to reading and writing sentences can be a big, daunting step for children and their educators. But it’s made much easier with Magnetic Sentence Blocks!

EasyRead Time Teaching System

EasyRead time teacher rainbow face past and to wall clock

EasyRead Classroom Past and To Wall Clock $44 for 1 – $160 for 4 Rainbow Face or Blue & Red Face options Measures 35cm diametre. Teach your students the 3-step system and they will be able to tell the time on the EasyRead clock as soon as they can confidently recognise numbers. The hanger makes it simple to re-hang after you’ve used the clock for demonstration.

Classroom 24 hours Clock

EasyRead Classroom 25hr Classroom Wall Clock $44 for 1 – $160 for 4 Measures 35cm diameter. Teach your students the 2-step system and they will be able to tell the time on the EasyRead clock as soon as they can confidently recognise numbers.

EasyRead Twin Time Teacher Clocks

Twin Time Teacher Cards 1 x Large = $19 or $70 for 4 1 x Small = $9 or $40 for 10 or $110 for 30 Large size measures 32cm x 39cm. Small size measures 15cm x 20cm. One side displays ‘past and to’ time and the other side displays ’12/24′ hour time. The surface is write-on-wipe-off for writing the displayed time. Pairs perfectly with the EasyRead Classroom Wall Clock.

EasyRead watch

EasyRead Watches $32 for 1 – $500 for 20 Make the watches an optional part of your school uniform. There are a range of colours to choose from). Pairs perfectly with the EasyRead classroom resources.

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