Literacy workshops that offer an exciting, innovative, hands-on approach to teaching spelling using the School Start Spelling Case.

These 3 hour literacy workshops are held at SPELD SA or can be delivered at your school.

 All workshops centre around how to use the School Start Buddy and School Start Spelling Case in the classroom or at home.

Literacy Workshops Currently on Offer

This is a new and exciting program that explains how to teach spelling rules to children using the School Start Spelling case as an aid. The program explains over 35 essential and common spelling rules, with easy-to-follow lessons.

This workshop teaches you how to use the School Start Spelling Case to support the Jolly Grammar One program in a fun, hands-on way. You will be guided through 36 lessons, which support the 36 weeks of the Jolly Grammar One program.

The benefits of each workshop, at a glance:

√  Receive practical lesson ideas

√  Learn a hands-on approach to teaching literacy skills

√  Enjoy new and innovative lessons

√  Discover lessons that engage all children, no matter what their literacy level

√  Engage in a fresh approach to learning

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