The Spelling Rules Student Workbook (PDF)


The Spelling Rules Program Student Workbook comes as a 76 page PDF that you can download and use with the Spelling Rules Program. It contains coloured posters and worksheets for each unit of the Spelling Rules Program.

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The Spelling Rules Program Student Workbook helps children understand spelling rules with worksheets and coloured posters. Pairs perfectly with the Spelling Rules Program 

How does it pair with the Spelling Rules Program?

The Spelling Rules Program is divided into 15 units; each unit teaches children to use specific spelling rules using the Spelling Case as an aid. It is a very 'hands-on' approach to learning that children enjoy! The student workbook simply adds to children's learning by offering worksheets and coloured posters for each unit of the program. It is excellent for promoting discussion about words, as well as making sure children understand the focus spelling rules.




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