The Spelling Rules Home School Pack


The Spelling Rules Home School Pack makes it affordable for anyone who wants to purchase all of the products to go with the Spelling Rules Program. It comes with the Spelling Rules Program, Spelling Case, Spelling Rules Student Workbook, 15 A3 sized posters. You will also get the complimentary School Start Capital Letter Case.


The Home School Pack makes it very affordable for anyone who wants to improve their own children’s spelling with the Spelling Rules Program. Since the Spelling Rules Program is suitable to use with a wide variety of ages (from 7-year-old children right up to adults who struggle with spelling) you can use the program with all of your children – it will even improve your own spelling!

The Home School Pack by School Start includes:

  • 1 Spelling Rules Program
  • 1 Spelling Case
  • 1 Spelling Rules Student Workbook
  • 1 Set of Spelling Rules Posters
  • 1 School Start Capital Letter Case

If you have more than one child and would like to save loads of time, we do recommend purchasing an extra Spelling Case and Student workbook (optional) for each of your children. This means that you can improve all of your children’s spelling at the same time – even if they’re not the same age! Simply ask your children to open their own Spelling Case and follow the step-by-step instructions and tips from the program! You can even take your ‘mini classroom’ outside because nothing will blow away in the wind.

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  1. Sheriden Marin – Speech Pathologist

    Very logical and clear program.

  2. Lily Yang

    Really wonderful program. I have learnt spelling strategies that will help improve my own spelling.

  3. Kay Baker

    I have not been so excited about spelling for years! This is an excellent program.

  4. Ilvanna Mittiga

    Excellent – one program that explicitly teaches rules.

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