Spelling Case & The Spelling Rules Program


The Spelling Rules Program and Spelling Case combination is all you need to teach a child (or an adult) how to understand and use spelling rules. It is suitable to use with children as young as 7, right up to adults who want to improve their spelling.

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The Spelling Rules Program is an innovative program that explains how to teach spelling rules to children using the Spelling Case as an aid.

The program explains over 30 essential and common spelling rules, with easy-to-follow lessons.

It is suitable to use with a wide variety of ages because the focus is on understanding why words are spelt the way they are and learning useful spelling strategies. The best thing is that you will improve your own spelling at the same time!

How does the program work?

Simply follow the same three steps:

  1. Your child opens up their Spelling Case. All the equipment they need is enclosed and displayed
  2. You read out the step-by-step instructions from the Spelling Rules Program for your child to follow. They use the equipment from their case to learn specific spelling rules.
  3. Optional: finish with a worksheet to further develop your child’s understanding of the rules.

My child struggles with spelling – will this program help them?

Research shows that when a child is struggling with spelling, they tend to rely only on hearing the sounds in words. This program will improve your child’s spelling because it provides a huge range of strategies to help them spell words correctly.

Do I have to be a teacher to use the program?

Teachers currently use the program in schools, but it is so easy to use that parents can use the program with their own children at home.

Can I use the program with more than one child at the same time?

Yes, as long as each child has their own Spelling Case, you can save loads of time by using the Spelling Rules Program with as many children as you like. This is perfect if you’re a parent who is home schooling your children or a teacher that wants to provide a large group of students with specific support.

Why use the spelling rules program?

  • Benefits children who struggle with spelling
  • Easy and time efficient to use
  • Suitable for children as young as 6 years, right up to adults who are not confident with spelling
  • It will improve your own spelling as well as your child’s spelling
  • Anyone can use the program – you don’t have to be a teacher
  • Promotes discussion and discovery about words
  • Hands-on approach
  • It’s affordable and has everything you need
  • Improves fine-motor skills

The Spelling Case by School Start includes:

  • 1 Spelling case, complete with 2 magnetic whiteboard
  • 57 magnetic lowercase letters – 2 of each consonant letter and 3 of each vowel letter
  • 5 magnetic ‘magic e’ blocks
  • 5 prefix blocks
  • 13 suffix blocks
  • 1 magnetic whiteboard eraser
  • 1 whiteboard marker


  1. Michelle

    Love the product and hands-on approach.

  2. Patrick

    Great program. Explains why words are spelt the way they are!

  3. Nikki Haberfield

    Fantastic program. Love the resources!

  4. Jan Frost – SPELD SA Tutor

    Great program.

  5. Sheriden Marin – Speech Pathologist

    Very logical and clear program.

  6. Lily Yang

    Really wonderful program. I have learnt spelling strategies that will help improve my own spelling.

  7. Kay Baker

    I have not been so excited about spelling for years!

  8. Ilvanna Mittiga

    Excellent program! It is one program that explicitly teaches spelling rules.

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