Magnetic Sentence Blocks


Magnetic Sentence Blocks: Providing a fun, easy way for children to read and write sentences.



Graduating from reading and writing words, to reading and writing sentences can be a big, daunting step for children and their educators. But it’s made much easier with Magnetic Sentence Blocks!

The Magnetic Sentence Blocks can be used with the School Start Spelling Case, or you might like to purchase an extra set for your School Start Buddy (which already comes with a set).

The benefits of magnetic sentence blocks:

  • Fun and effective The magnetic sentence blocks are designed to make it fun and easy for children to transition from reading and writing words, to reading and writing whole sentences.
  • Convenient All the blocks are magnetic and include a whiteboard surface for you to repeatedly write and erase.
  • Learn anywhere, anytime. The blocks can also be used on any magnetic surface: the fridge, large classroom whiteboards, or on outdoor magnetic surfaces such as sheds or iron fences.

 How to use the magnetic sentence blocks

Simply think of a sentence with your child, or use a sentence from a book, and write each word from the sentence onto the individual sentence blocks (the blocks are different sizes to cater for different sized words and punctuation). The child then puts the words together to form the sentence. Easy as that!

 How the sentence blocks help children learn to read and write

As an experienced teacher I know that when children are learning to read, they have to use three reading cues:

  • Does it look right?
  • Does it sound right?
  • Does it make sense?

When you use the blank magnetic sentence blocks from the School Start Buddy with your child, you are inadvertently teaching them to use the three reading cues!

When children make sentences using the sentence blocks, they are also learning that one written word matches one spoken word, which develops both reading and writing skills. They are also learning writing skills such as: planning what to write before writing, using punctuation, monitoring what types of writing is making sense, and the structure of a sentence.

As you can see, children are learning many important skills by simply spending five minutes making a sentence!

Do you want to know more about the sentence blocks?

The School Start Handbook has lots of fantastic ideas and activities that use all the resources from the School Start Buddy, including the sentence blocks.

Make learning to read and write fun with magnetic sentence blocks. Buy now, or feel free to contact me with any questions. Don’t forget to sign up to my newsletter to receive great reading tips and product offers.


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