Spelling Strategies – Supporting Jolly Grammar One


The Spelling Strategies program contains easy to follow lessons for an adult to use with a child. Each lesson uses the School Start Spelling Case, which is included with the program. It is designed for children who are attending schools that use the Jolly Grammar One program. This package includes:

  • The Spelling Strategies program (Supporting Jolly Grammar One)
  • The School Start Spelling Case
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The Spelling Strategies program explains how you can use the Spelling Case with the Jolly Grammar One Program.

This program is for teachers who use the Jolly Grammar One Program in their classroom and would like to implement a ‘hands-on’ style of learning to increase their students’ word knowledge and spelling strategies. It has 36 lessons, which use the Spelling Case, to support the 36 weeks of the Jolly Grammar One program.


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