Spelling Case


The School Start Spelling Case is the perfect tool to help children learn their weekly list of spelling words or to implement the Spelling Rules Program.

The Spelling Case by School Start includes:

  • 1 Spelling case, complete with 2 magnetic whiteboard
  • 57 magnetic lowercase letters - 2 of each consonant letter and 3 of each vowel letter
  • 5 magnetic 'magic e' blocks
  • 5 prefix blocks
  • 13 suffix blocks
  • 1 magnetic whiteboard eraser
  • 1 whiteboard marker


  1. Maddie Gurr

    The visual / physical approach is engaging! I think this is a beneficial way to teach spelling.

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  • 1 Spelling Case, complete with 2 magnetic whiteboards
    The design ensures that your child can quickly find the letters they need.
  • 57 lowercase magnetic letters – 2 of each consonant letter and 3 of each vowel letter
    The magnetic letters allow your child to focus on the order of the letters and sounds in a word, and to memorise what a word looks like. Magnetic letters make it easy to break words into sounds or syllables, letting your child explore words and develop essential spelling strategies.
  • 5 magnetic ‘magic e’ blocks
    The ‘magic e’ blocks make it easy to teach children that a vowel letter can make a long and short sound (part of the Spelling Rules Program).
  • 1 magnetic eraser, 1 whiteboard marker and 2 whiteboards
    The inclusion of the whiteboards allows your child to correct errors and re-write and re-try if needed. Writing on a whiteboard means that nothing is permanent. Your child can easily change a word using the small magnetic eraser, reducing learning frustrations, and increasing persistence.
  • 5 Prefix blocks and 13 suffix blocks
    A prefix is a letter or letters placed before a word that changes the meaning of the word, while creating a completely new word. For example, when “un” is added to the word “happy”, it creates the new word, “unhappy”. Suffixes also create a new word, but the letters are added to the end of the word. For example, when the suffix “est” is added to “strong”, the new word is “strongest”.
    When a child plays with words by adding and changing prefixes and suffixes, they learn effective, powerful spelling strategies. This is why we include a range of prefix and suffix blocks in the School Start Spelling Case.

Are you using the Spelling Rules Program?

It is definitely worth purchasing an extra Spelling Case for each child that you are using the Spelling Rules Program with. If you are a parent using the program at home, this will allow you to work with all of your children at the same time because the Spelling Rules Program is suitable for a wide variety of ages (7 years – adults who want to learn strategies). If you are a teacher, it is affordable to give every student in your class their very own Spelling Case, simply visit our page for schools.

Are you a parent with a child that struggles to learn a list of spelling words?

You can improve your child’s confidence and spelling results with this selection of 5 fun, easy activities that use the Spelling Case to help you child effectively learn their weekly school spelling list.

Download Activities

Click here to download activities to learn a list of spelling words.


“My son struggled with his weekly school spelling lists. All the word games and activities I tried didn’t seem to work, but everything changed when we discovered The School Start Spelling Case! Doing the spelling lists became a fun, nightly activity for both of us. Lucas is now much better at spelling and reading, and my only regret is that we didn’t buy this sooner. I’ve noticed a change in his self-confidence and his attitude toward learning, which will help him throughout his entire school life.” ~ Katie Eatts, Kimba, South Australia

Mother of 3 boys


“I purchased this product because it seemed different to everything on the market. I didn’t want another app, I wanted a product I could touch and hold and work through together with my daughter. With the School Start Spelling Case, I’ve learnt spelling strategies which I’ve shown Piper. Now, she’s applied those strategies to all words, helping her become proficient in spelling. I couldn’t be happier! I highly recommend this product to any parent, it’s a worthwhile investment.” Ashlee Montgomery, Loxton, South Australia