School Start Buddy


Everything you need! Includes 1 School Start Buddy case,  57 magnetic letters, 24 blank magnetic whiteboard blocks, 1 magnetic whiteboard eraser, 2 magnetic whiteboards, 1 whiteboard marker, 50 blank sight word cards and 2 pens.

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If you are a parent with a child in their first year of schooling, or have an older child is who doesn't feel confident with reading and writing, the School Start Buddy is for you!  The case contains everything you need to start your child's journey towards becoming a proficient reader and writer.

The case, which is designed to be hands-on and fun for your child to engage with, also doubles as a storage unit for all of the resources.  It comes with FREE short videos for parents, which not only explain how children learn to read and write, but also show you exactly how to use your School Start Buddy with your child. By using the School Start Buddy, you will have everything you need at your fingertips to make learning at home fun, easy and effective.

The School Start Buddy includes everything you need to get started:


  1. Sheree Cameron

    Thank you School Start for a product that stimulates my child. It is so easy to use and I can’t believe how quickly my child is progressing – she has only been at school for one term and is already reading and writing!

  2. Katie Eatts

    Great product. I love the handbook that explains exactly how children learn to read and write!

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