EasyRead Small Twin Time Teacher Card


This single resource can be used to demonstrate every element of the curriculum relating to analogue clocks, including writing the displayed time on the write-on-wipe-off surface.


Your students can follow your every move with their own double-sided clock card. This larger-than-normal card is very easy for young hands to use. The hour number boxes tell the student which hour number to read at any point in time and 1/4 hour markings for the hour hand help them place the hands in the correct positions relative to each other. The 5-minute numbers are highlighted and all the minute numbers are shown. The hands tell your students which numbers to read, or help them dial the time that you suggest.

15cm x 20cm. Dial 13.5cm.

Made from super-tough polypropylene these cards will last for years. They come in boxes of 10 or 30 for easy storage. They are also available singly.


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