20 x Spelling Cases


The bulk set of 20 Spelling Cases makes it very affordable for schools to implement a ‘hands-on’ spelling program.

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It is now affordable for schools to implement a ‘hands-on’ spelling program with this option to purchase the Spelling Case in packs of 20 – saving a massive $20 per case!

1. Teach your students to understand and use spelling rules

Just one class set of Spelling Cases will cater for your entire school! This is because the Spelling Rules Program can be easily and effectively used with children as young as Grade Two, right up to High School students or adults who are not confident with spelling. It can be used with a whole class of children, or just a small group who require extra support with spelling. We can even run a professional development session around teaching spelling rules at your school!

2.  An effective way to learn a weekly list of spelling words

Use the magnetic letters and whiteboard to help your students learn a particular sound or letter pattern, or to memorise high frequency words.

Parents can use the Spelling Case, along with the 5 fun, easy activities below, to make sure their child/children can accurately spell their weekly list of spelling words.

3. Use it with the Jolly Grammar program

If you use the Jolly Grammar One program, we have a program that shows you how you can use the Spelling Case for each week of the program. Click here to find out more.


The Spelling Case includes:

  • 1 case, complete with 2 magnetic whiteboards
    The design ensures that your child can quickly find the letters they need.
  • 57 lowercase magnetic letters – 2 of each consonant letter and 3 of each vowel letter
    The magnetic letters allow children to explore words and develop essential spelling strategies. Magnetic letters make it easy for children to focus on the order of the letters and sounds in a word, make connections between words according to a particular letter pattern, break words into sounds and syllables, and to memorise what a word looks like.
  • 5 magnetic ‘magic e’ blocks
    The ‘magic e’ blocks make it easy to teach children that a vowel letter can make a long and short sound (part of the Spelling Rules Program).
  • 1 magnetic eraser, 1 whiteboard marker and 2 whiteboards
    The inclusion of the whiteboards allows children to correct errors and re-write and re-try if needed. Writing on a whiteboard means that nothing is permanent. Children can easily change a word using the small magnetic eraser, reducing learning frustrations, and increasing persistence.
  • 5 Prefix blocks and 13 suffix blocks
    When a child plays with words by adding and changing prefixes and suffixes, they learn effective, powerful spelling strategies. This is why we include a range of prefix and suffix blocks in the Spelling Case.


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