20 x School Start Buddy


This bulk purchase option makes it affordable for schools to give their Foundation Year students a School Start Buddy when they begin school. This is the perfect resource to connect school and home learning so that children achieve essential literacy skills during their first year of school.

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Research is telling us how important it is for children to achieve foundational literacy skills during their first year of school (for example, letter recognition, blending, hearing sounds in words and basic reading strategies). The School Start Buddy develops all of these skills and can be used by School Support Officers and Parents with children in their first year of school or older children who are not yet reading and writing independently.

The case, which is designed to be hands-on and fun for your child to engage with, also doubles as a storage unit for all of the resources.  It comes with FREE short videos for parents, which not only explain how children learn to read and write, but also shows parents exactly how to use their School Start Buddy with their child. By using the School Start Buddy, parents will have everything they need at their fingertips to make learning at home fun, easy and effective.

The School Start Buddy includes:


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