Help your child learn their spelling word lists with this fun, simple, effective resource: designed by a literacy coordinator, loved by parents, praised by teachers, and enjoyed by children.

“My son struggled with his weekly school spelling lists. All the word games and activities I tried didn’t seem to work, but everything changed when we discovered The School Start Spelling Case! Doing the spelling lists became a fun, nightly activity for both of us. Lucas is now much better at spelling and reading, and my only regret is that we didn’t buy this sooner. I’ve noticed a change in his self-confidence and his attitude toward learning, which will help him throughout his entire school life.” ~ Katie Eatts, Kimba, South Australia

Katie Eatts

Mother of 3 boys

Hi, I’m Sharona Edwards, I’m a primary school teacher, literacy coordinator and mother of four children. I’m also the creator of the School Start Spelling Case system.

As a child, I constantly struggled with literacy, which made me feel embarrassed, self-conscious and frustrated. Not only that, the fact that everyone around me was spelling beautifully and just  ‘getting it’ made me feel demoralised. Unfortunately, it meant I didn’t reach my full academic potential at school.

The good news is that I overcame my literacy challenges later in life, and as a result, I’ve become passionate about teaching literacy skills to children, and ensuring every parent has tools and resources to help their child read and write – especially in those early, important, foundational years. The spelling resources I’ve created are exactly the type of resources my own mother longed for when I was a child.

I’m humbled to say that my programs are loved by parents, enjoyed by children, praised by teachers, and have even received the tick of approval by organisations such as Specific Learning Difficulties Association of SA (SPELD SA), where I’ve delivered student workshops.

The School Start Spelling Case is an easy, time-saving, quality resource that empowers your child to become a confident speller. It’s fun and it works!

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Give your child the priceless gift of: confidence, better grades, and a lifetime of opportunities as an intelligent adult.


Learning how to spell helps your child to:

√  Acquire new words

√  Become a competent reader

√  Grow into an excellent writer

√  Transform into a brilliant, lifelong communicator


4 Easy steps: How to use the School Start Spelling Case

 First of all, and most importantly, you don’t need to learn the entire list in one night. Rather, just spend 20 minutes each night until your child is spelling their list words correctly and confidently.

Step One

Dictate the words from your child’s spelling list, and let them write the word onto the whiteboard. If your child is spelling words correctly, simply stay on step one. When your child spells a word incorrectly, move on to step two.

Step Two

Use the magnetic letters to help your child learn how to spell the word correctly by choosing one of five, fun activities (the activities are included within the spelling case).

Step Three

Once your child has completed the activity, ask them to write the word on the whiteboard using the marker. If they make an error, no problem, they can erase the word and try again until they’re able to spell the word correctly. Whiteboards make it easy to try again!

Step Four

Continue dictating the words from your child’s spelling list (step one) until your child is able to correctly spell all the words from their list.

Why choose the School Start Spelling Case?


The School Start Spelling Case works by teaching your child to use important spelling strategies. The pack includes:

Spelling strategies and fun activities

 As a literacy coordinator, primary school teacher and mother of four, I’ve seen what works best when it comes to becoming a better speller. Included in the School Start Spelling Case are a selection of fun, easy activities to help your child effectively learn their weekly school spelling lists.

 Magnetic letters

The magnetic letters allow your child to focus on the order of the letters and sounds in a word, and to memorise what a word looks like. Magnetic letters make it easy to break words into sounds or syllables, letting your child explore words and develop essential spelling strategies. The design ensures that your child can quickly find the letters they need.

Whiteboard, marker and eraser

The inclusion of a whiteboard allows your child to correct errors and re-write and re-try if needed. Writing on a whiteboard means that nothing is permanent. Your child can easily change a word using the small magnetic eraser, reducing learning frustrations, and increasing persistence.

Prefix and suffix blocks

A prefix is a letter or letters placed before a word that changes the meaning of the word, while creating a completely new word. For example, when “un” is added to the word “happy”, it creates the new word, “unhappy”. Suffixes also create a new word, but the letters are added to the end of the word. For example, when the suffix  “ish” is added to “child”, the new word is “childish”.

When a child plays with words by adding and changing prefixes and suffixes, they learn effective, powerful spelling strategies. This is why we include a range of prefix and suffix blocks in the School Start Spelling Case.

√  Gets results

I’ve extensively trialled my School Start Spelling Case to ensure that it gets results and is easy to use.

I’ve trialled my products with my own children, my friends and family’s children, and importantly, within the classroom. This trialling has meant the final School Start Spelling Case has been tweaked, refined and improved to ensure the best possible results for your child. Also, my programs have been embraced by Specific Learning Difficulties Association of SA (SPELD SA), where I’ve had the privilege and pleasure of delivering student workshops.

√  Lifelong opportunities

Set your child up for a life of learning new words, writing well, reading effectively and communicating brilliantly.

As someone who struggled with literacy, I know that I did not, and could not reach my full academic potential until I revisited the foundations of literacy later in life.

Words are the basis for everything. Learning new words improves your child’s writing skills because they’ll no longer be limited to simple words. Learning how to spell also improves your child’s working memory, which is the ability to recall information that’s just been heard/seen/read, improving their comprehension.

√  Confidence

Improve your child’s self-assuredness and self-image.

At school, I felt fear and embarrassment in relation to learning spelling words, which led to an ongoing lack of learning confidence. As an adult, I was determined that my own children would never experience the same negative feelings, and that other children wouldn’t either.

I’m proud and humbled that so many parents, children and teachers have used the words ‘confidence’, ‘competence’, ‘fun’ and ‘pride’ in relation to the School Start Spelling Case. Mission accomplished!

√  Efficient

Save time and reduce stress. Using the School Start Spelling Case is easy to fit into your busy schedule.

If you’re currently spending hours battling through school spelling list homework sheets, activities and games without any success, this product really is for you. It’s a quicker, more effective way to learn a list of spelling words. You need only spend 20, productive minutes a night.

√  Cost effective

A more than worthwhile investment.

The School Start Spelling Case is made of durable, quality materials, ready for robust use by eager hands. Additionally, the case is an investment in their future that will pay dividends long after they’ve left school.

√  Fine motor skills

No screen time means less stress on your child’s young eyes and more focus on dexterity and coordination.

Computers, IPads and other devices have their place in literacy teaching, but balance is important, especially when children are spending so much more time in front of screens these days.

The School Start Spelling Case is an effective and refreshing change from swiping and typing, because this tactile ‘hands on’ resource assists with fine motor skills, helping your child in all areas of life, from tying shoe laces to writing with a pencil.

√  Quality time

Enjoy some quality bonding time with your child.

For some parents, sitting down to learn the weekly spelling list each night leads to stress and frustration. With the School Start Spelling Case, you and your child can enjoy bonding and ‘playtime’. Smiles will replace stress, and delight will replace despondency.

√  Promote independence

Complete other tasks nearby while your child is learning to spell.

Depending on your child’s age, you can encourage him or her to use the School Start Spelling Case on their own, promoting problem-solving skills and independence. But no matter what your child’s age, you can always enjoy the spelling and literacy process with them.

√  Relief for teachers

A priceless, time-saving resource for you and your students.

For all the reasons stated above, the School Start Spelling Case brings both relief and results for teachers as well as parents. Some teachers lend out the case to parents, while others use it in class during spelling lesson time. To make this resource readily available in the education system, I offer a discount for bulk orders. I’ve also designed programs (and deliver workshops) that support the Jolly Phonics and Jolly Grammar programs.

√  Convenient

EVERYTHING you need in one case.

Forget having to cover the floor or a desk with flash cards, pens, pencils, books and worksheets. The School Start Spelling Case includes none of these things, and yet, has everything you need at your fingertips!

√  Freedom

Use it indoors or outdoors, at home or on the go.

You have the freedom to take the case into the backyard and other outdoors areas, or play with it inside. And the great news is that nothing will blow away because the letters are magnetic.

“I purchased this product because it seemed different to everything on the market. I didn’t want another app, I wanted a product I could touch and hold and work through together with my daughter. With the School Start Spelling Case, I’ve learnt spelling strategies which I’ve shown Piper. Now, she’s applied those strategies to all words, helping her become proficient in spelling. I couldn’t be happier! I highly recommend this product to any parent, it’s a worthwhile investment.” Ashlee Montgomery, Loxton, South Australia

Are you ready to save time, reduce stress and make spelling a fun activity for you and your child, while also giving them the priceless gift of confidence? If so, then the School Start Spelling Case is for you. It’s simple to use and helps your child become a better speller. Buy it now or contact me with your questions, and/or sign up to my newsletter to receive great reading tips and product offers.


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