School Start Spelling Strategies is a unique program that provides teachers, tutors and parents with 36 lessons to support each week of the Jolly Grammar One program. The lessons are easy to follow, providing step-by-step instructions for the adult to follow, and use the resources from inside the School Start Spelling Case.  This means that all the work is done for you! Every child uses their own case during the lesson, therefore every child is participating and learning! Children learn to understand words, develop an interest in words and use a range of spelling strategies.

Format of the Program

Section One – Supporting JG1 Spelling Weeks 1 – 6

This section aims to revise the digraphs taught in the Jolly Phonics program. Children will practise hearing sounds in words and use magnetic letters to make sounds and break words into sounds. Children will understand that a digraph is used when two letters go together to make one sound. They will also learn that plural means ‘more than one’.

Here is a sample of the School Start Spelling Strategies lesson that supports Week 6 of the Jolly Grammar One Program:

Download a PDF of the Week 6 lesson

Section Two – Supporting JG1 Spelling Weeks 7 – 11

The focus is on the vowel letters, the short vowel sounds, consonant letters and consonant blends. Children start to learn spelling rules, which all require an understanding of vowels and consonant letters.

Here is a sample of the School Start Spelling Strategies lesson that supports Week 7 of the Jolly Grammar One Program:

Download a PDF of the Week 7 lesson

Section Three – Supporting JG1 Spelling and Grammar Weeks 12 – 18

The focus is on the vowel letters, hearing and saying the short and long vowel sounds, adding suffixes to words,
breaking words into syllables, and the semi-vowel ‘y’. Children will continue to learn spelling rules as a strategy
to spell proficiently. All of the rules taught in this section require children to be able to hear both the long and
short vowel sounds.

Section Four – Supporting JG1 Spelling Weeks 19 – 36

The focus is on the alternate spellings taught in the Jolly Grammar One Program. Children learn and practise
different letter patterns which can make the same sound. All of the spelling strategies taught in Sections 1-3 are
revised throughout the 17 lessons in this section.

Benefits of the Program

• Children learn to use a range of strategies to spell words correctly. Good spellers rely on more than hearing sounds in words to spell pro ciently.
• Everyone is involved in the lesson. Since every child has their own case and is following the teacher’s instructions, every child participates in the learning. It is the perfect way to make sure that children who need the most support are getting it.
• Finding magnetic letters and making words is more ef cient. Since the magnetic letters are clearly displayed on one whiteboard, children are able to quickly  nd the magnetic letter that they need. This means that precious lesson time is not wasted searching for magnetic letters.
• It develops good listening skills. Each lesson involves the children listening and following teacher instructions.
• It is ‘hands-on’ visual learning that promotes discussion and discovery about words. Children get the opportunity to share their ideas with their classmates, use the magnetic letters to play with words and make connections between words.
• Children who have poor handwriting skills and don’t enjoy writing can develop foundational literacy skills. The magnetic letters enable children to develop skills that will give them the con dence to write without ‘writing’. Manipulating the magnetic letters also helps to develop  ne-motor skills. The whiteboard allows children to practise their writing in a ‘safe’ environment because nothing is permanent and mistakes can easily be erased.
• Children develop sorting and organisational skills. Children get the opportunity to sort and organise their magnetic letters on their resource board. For example, they might sort the letters by colour or in alphabetical order.


Please contact us by filling out the details below or contact SPELD SA if you are interested in attending a workshop on the School Start Spelling Strategies Program.

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 Prices for Schools

Spelling Strategies Program – Supporting Jolly Grammar One                 $50

10 School Start Spelling Cases                                                                 $430 ($43/case)

15 School Start Spelling Cases                                                                 $630 ($42/case)

20 School Start Spelling Cases                                                                 $810 ($40.50/case)

30 School Start Spelling Cases                                                                 $1,125 ($37.50/case)

50 School Start Spelling Cases                                                                 $1,750 ($35/case)

Contact the School Start team below with your order and we can invoice your school directly.

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The School Start Spelling Buddy Case has all the equipment to teach reading, spelling and writing strategies. This creates less prep work for tutoring, it caters to all ages and makes it easier to work with students (talk about, experiment with sounds etc). It backs up Jolly Phonics and Jolly Grammar beautifully!

Attendee at workshop held at SPELD SA


Brilliant workshop! What a fun way to teach spelling rules. I have a student who is not remembering the spelling rules. This should help. I love the practical ideas for teaching reading, spelling and written language.

Attendee at workshop held at SPELD SA


I got lots of ideas on how to use the School Start Spelling Case to support Jolly Phonics and Jolly Grammar. In particular I like the language to use with children, for example ‘magical suffix’, ‘magic e’ etc. This program is a wonderful way of using hands on tasks to teach spelling rules and language.

Attendee at workshop held at SPELD SA


This is a great extension of the Jolly Phonics program. Practical strategies and resources to implement.

Attendee at workshop


This workshop was much better than I ever expected! I love the hands-on learning that gets all children involved in the learning.

Attendee at Jolly Phonics workshop


What are the key learning you will take away from this session?

Too many to mention/list. Absolutely amazing, practical, engaging, skills build in routine way. JUST EXCELLENT!

Attendee at workshop


This workshop showed me how to use the School Start Spelling Case with the Jolly Grammar handbook. This will help me start my career. The presenter was excellent!

Attendee at workshop held at SPELD SA

Student - studying to be a teacher

I learnt good strategies for teaching spelling. I would love to come to another workshop.

Attendee at worshop held at SPELD SA

Teacher, Teacher

Brilliant! Great way to extend the Jolly Grammar and Jolly Phonics programs.

Attendee at SPELD SA workshop


This was a brilliant worshop! I love how the children can use the tiles for quick, fun and non-threatening learning of phonics. Great way to teach a student who does not want to commit to writing.

Attendee at SPELD SA workshop


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