About Sharona Edwards

My name is Sharona Edwards.

I am a primary school teacher, literacy coordinator and mother of four children. I am also the creator of the School Start Buddy and School Start Spelling Case systems. I continue to develop new resources, lesson plans and activities to support these programs as well as conduct events and training to help parents and educators teach young children to read and write successfully. 

The story behind my passion for early learning literacy

As a child, I struggled with literacy in the early years of school. Unfortunately, I didn’t receive the support at school or at home that I needed to improve. My struggles with literacy were a source of embarrassment and a learning hurdle that I overcame later in life, but not before it damaged my ability to reach my academic potential. 

Literacy learning became my passion and led to my desire to improve reading and writing skills in the early years of learning. This was a major source of inspiration for me to become a primary school teacher and enable parents to be proactive in their child’s education.

The idea of the School Start Buddy came to me when my son began his first year at school. I was fortunate to have the skills and knowledge to give him a solid foundation in literacy, but I recognised the frustration in other parents who did not have my teacher training to support their own child. I wanted to enable parents to be proactive in their child’s education. The School Start Buddy along with the Handbook will do just that.

I began using the School Start Buddy resources in my classroom to teach spelling with great success. From there, I developed the School Start Spelling Case and supporting program. School Start Spelling is not a whole new program, but rather a resource with lessons that support programs being used in schools. The lesson plans are easy to follow and are designed to educate parents and teachers about spelling strategies whilst they teach their children and students. I believe that children are more likely to become good spellers if their educators understand spelling strategies themselves.


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